Outdoor lighting is a marriage of beauty and function, and creating a great outdoor lighting design an art form that enhances the beauty of your outdoor spaces while providing safety and setting the desired mood. Custom outdoor lighting design offers tailored solutions that cater to the unique characteristics of your property. From accentuating architectural features to creating inviting pathways, custom outdoor lighting transforms your outdoor environment into an extension of your living space.

Custom outdoor lighting design involves the strategic placement of lighting fixtures to achieve specific aesthetic and practical objectives unique to each home or business owner. Unlike off-the-shelf lighting solutions, custom designs are meticulously crafted to complement the architectural style, landscaping, and usage patterns of your outdoor space.


What elements does Blingle! of Greater Lexington's expert lighting designer consider when creating a custom design?

Because each project is entirely unique, the process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the outdoor area, taking into account factors such as the layout, landscaping, focal points, and the owner's preferences. Our designer works closely with our clients to understand your goals.

Next, the designer factors in the wide range of fixture options we offer that suit different purposes and aesthetics. Fixtures vary in look and function and include path lights, bollards, well lights, and a variety of other options. We are careful to use the right fixture for the right function.

Our designer works with our experienced installers to employ various lighting techniques to achieve the desired effects, which may include uplighting to highlight architectural features or trees, downlighting for pathways and outdoor seating areas, and moonlighting for a soft, natural glow.

A great custom outdoor lighting design seamlessly integrates with the existing landscape, enhancing its natural beauty while adding depth and dimension. Lighting designers consider the positioning of fixtures to minimize glare and light pollution, ensuring that the lighting enhances rather than detracts from the outdoor experience.

By blending artistry with functionality, a custom lighting design will enhance the beauty, safety, and usability of your outdoor environment, creating inviting retreats that delight homeowners and visitors alike. Whether you're looking to showcase your home's architectural features, extend your enjoyable nighttime hours, or simply improve security, custom outdoor lighting design offers endless possibilities for enhancing your outdoor living experience.