At Blingle! of Greater Lexington, we design for you.

We're a passionate and talented team focused solely on outdoor and event lighting solutions delivered with a white-glove installation experience.

Our designer creates one-of-a-kind designs tailored to your unique outdoor space and how you use it to maximize your investment. We select the right fixtures for your project and use of your space, and we offer annual maintenance for long-lasting enjoyment of your outdoor lighting system.

The result? A difference you can see, feel and enjoy for many days and nights to come.

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Experience the difference light makes with our custom outdoor and event lighting solutions.


Our landscape lighting and smart LED lighting solutions provide the finishing touch for any property, adding value in a variety of impactful ways:

| Elevate your home's curb appeal & aesthetics
| Enhance your sense of safety & security
| Increase property value
| Improve mental health by spending more time outside
| Extend nighttime hours in your outdoor space for better & brighter memorable experiences

Our smart LED lighting products are designed to blend in with your home's architecture while offering fully customizable color schemes so that you can celebrate your favorite holidays in style.


Our commercial lighting solutions offer more than visibility: They are a tool to showcase your products, highlight your services, stand out from competitors, and set the mood that aligns with your brand and marketing strategy.

In addition to property landscape lighting and traditional custom holiday lighting, we offer permanent smart LED systems that will ensure your business and your brand stand out all year long.

Whether indoors or out, our specialty lighting fixtures set the mood and energy for your events, elevating the space and completing your decor so that you and your guests leave with brighter memories of your special occasion.

We make your holidays sparkle like never before with our no-lights-out guarantee, energy-efficient bulbs, warranted installation, and custom designs that reflect your personal taste or your business's brand. Whether you prefer a unique or traditional holiday display, we bring your vision to light.

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Transform your event, home, or business.

You'll enjoy the benefits of expertise, meticulous customer service, and exceptional lighting solutions that will transform your home, business, or special event when you work with Blingle! of Greater Lexington.

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Smart LED and property landscape lighting

Commercial lighting is marketing.

In today's competitive business landscape, standing out is more critical than ever. That's where the power of commercial lighting steps in – it's not just illumination; it's an important aspect of marketing. At Blingle!, we understand that the right lighting can transform your business into an inviting space that draws customers in.

Commercial lighting is about creating an atmosphere that enhances your brand's perception, making your business memorable and appealing and more comfortable for employees. Our bespoke commercial lighting solutions offer more than visibility; they are a tool to showcase your products, highlight your services, and set the mood that aligns with your marketing strategy. With our design expertise, your commercial lighting investment becomes a silent salesman, working 24/7 to attract and retain your ideal clientele.

Landscape & Smart LED Lighting Systems

See, feel and enjoy the difference light makes night after night.

Outdoor lighting is about more than just beauty... Professionally designed and installed lighting systems not only accentuate your property's best features and enhance its aesthetic appeal and market value, but also increase safety and security and extend outdoor hours. 

Our specialized lighting solutions ensure you maximize your investment by allowing you to enjoy your home more; granting peace of mind whether you are at home or away; increasing entertaining and relaxation time after dark; and putting the finishing touches on your home's exterior. 

We also offer maintenance plans, guaranteeing you will enjoy your new lighting system for years to come.


Events are brighter with professionally designed lighting.

Adding lighting to your special occasions will dramatically impact the mood and energy of your event and will enhance your event theme, ensuring you and your guests will have the experience of a lifetime. Lighting can highlight key areas and create visual interest while enhancing your overall decor and improving photographic quality.

Our experienced design and installation team works with event planners to help make your event decorating hassle-free so you can relax and enjoy your special occasion.



Commercial holiday client

"The exterior lighting provided by Blingle Premier Lighting added a festive touch to our restaurants for the holidays! Their product, service, and team are all exceptional!"

| Amber Cook, Marketing Director, Bluegrass Hospitality Group


Residential landscape client

"Having landscape lighting around our pool has been a great addition to our outdoor space. We have Blingle to thank. The lighting system has truly transformed our pool area. The beautiful illumination it provides not only enhances the aesthetics of the entire landscape, but also creates an ambience that is perfect for relaxation and entertainment... The folks with Blingle have exceeded our expectations in every way. We are grateful for their exceptional products, customer service, and dedication to getting it right for us."

| Mary Galus


Commercial client

"We developed a great partnership with Blingle! this year... They were so easy to work with and truly cared about how the final product turned out. We are looking forward to working with them again in many future projects." 

| Angie Doyle, Membership Director, Greenbrier Golf & Country Club