The summer season brings many fun activities outdoors that you share with family and friends. Whether you are out at the pool or gathered around the fire pit, you have a desire for a fun and memorable experience for everyone. Lighting plays a very important role in your outdoor festivities, as it will allow you and your guests to enjoy your home day and night. On summer nights, you may wish to host events that require lighting to enhance your experience in the outdoors. There are various ways in which you can incorporate outdoor lighting into your summer festivities.

IMG_6298Pathway Lighting

Using pathway lights to brighten walkways and garden paths increases safety by preventing trips and falls while also adding a delightful touch to your outdoor space.

 Spotlights and Floodlights

Have spotlights or floodlights installed to highlight landscaping, trees, statues, or even water features. These types of lights can create a dramatic effect and draw attention to your favorite outdoor areas.

Garden Lights

Install specialty lights along flower beds or pots to add illumination and make your garden a tranquil space.

Pool and Water Feature Lighting

If you have a pool or water feature, consider adding lighting around the area to create a focal point. Enjoy swimming during the night with outdoor lighting to have an extraordinary experience.